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Tree Work, Trucking, Logging, And Land Clearing Services

By Lori Catozzi Cook

When property owners need a tree removed, land cleared, or logging work done, they need to know that the crew hired is one who can get the job done efficiently, effectively, and in a timely manner. An owner also needs to know that their lawn, landscape, vehicles, and neighboring properties are going to be a constant consideration during the entire process.

Chris Lane of Chris Lane Enterprises is the one to call on to get that job done correctly, while at the same time, exceeding all expectations of the outcome that his clients might have.


“I enjoy everything about this type of work,” says Lane. “I always had a fascination for wood and have worked with it – in one way or another – since I was young.”

Lane grew up in a hardworking family, so hard work and perseverance are second nature to him. And, if you take this hard work and perseverance and add a passion for the industry, you have a business that raises the bar on all levels... Chris Lane Enterprises.

Doing any type of tree work, land clearing, or logging can be dangerous. Like a well conducted orchestra, the crew of Chris Lane Enterprises work methodically – knowing how to apply the correct method of extracting difficult removal jobs with each situation – to see that the job is done safely and thoroughly.

“I learned from hands-on experience how to do everything. I was self-taught and worked hard,” says Lane, who has worked in every facet of the tree and land servicing industry – from trucking to property maintenance – over the years before starting his own business.

Lane’s admitted love is crane work. Having the crane service helps to make the tree service much more cost effective as well as improves overall job efficiency, timeliness, and means less impact on a property owner’s landscape. Large tree limbs can be very heavy, so an experienced tree removal crane operator must possess the necessary skills needed to complete a job such as this in a safe and reliable manner. Chris Lane Enterprises is fully insured and has built a reputation as being professional with superior workmanship, attention to detail, and clear communications. The aim: to leave each customer with a job well done.

“When we purchased the house it had been empty for six years and it was overgrown,” says Steve Swallow, owner of the Hannah Davis house in Fitzwilliam. “The property needed a lot of improvements. Chris came in after a big storm and did such a good job that I called him back again. He knows what he’s doing, he’s got the equipment needed for any job, he’s very reasonably priced, and he is very personable.”

The residential and commercial services offered at Chris Lane Enterprises includes crane work, tree removal, stump removal, logging, land clearing, harvesting firewood, vista cuts, brush and wood chipping, harvesting firewood, and more. For trucking services, Lane can haul and tow up to 45,500 pounds (bobcat, tractor, excavator, backhoe, etc.). Chris Lane Enterprises also has 24/7 emergency service.

“I have all the tools and equipment necessary for any tree removal project,” says Lane. “We have bucket trucks, log loaders, stump grinders, and cranes to handle any job, brush trimming to large tree removal.

“Tree removal can be very risky, depending on tree size and proximity to buildings, power lines, or roads,” he continues. “Approximately 36,000 people per year are treated in hospitals due to chain saw injuries. Getting large trees down safely and efficiently is better left to those who are qualified and have the necessary equipment.”

Sometimes a property owner isn’t sure whether a tree needs to be removed or even have an idea of how much it would cost to remove a tree. Lane provides free estimates with no obligations.

“Chris came recommended to me,” says another satisfied client, Dale Woodward, of the Walpole Historical Society. “He did work here, for me personally, and then for the Walpole cemetery. He is professional, cleans up (the site) well, he is polite, his people are all polite, and his rates are very reasonable.”

Chris Lane Enterprises also offers stump removal or stump grinding for after the tree is felled or removed. “Stump grinding is a more cost effective way to remove stumps,” Lane says. “It is a less abrasive process than stump removal and, because lighter equipment is involved, there is no damage or intrusion on your property.”

Complete land clearing for both commercial and residential projects and agricultural improvement projects is also on the list of services offered by Chris Lane Enterprises. He also offers top quality wood chips, loam, gravel, and bark mulch to complete whatever the project may be. “And we leave you with a completely clear site, ready for use,” he adds.

For more details on the services offered at Chris Lane Enterprises, call 603-352-1205, 603-355-0208, or visit